#Ads of the Week: Trainwreckstv Earns Top Three Spots

Tl;dr: Trainwreckstv and sponsor Stake.com hold all three spots for this week's #Ads of the week!

For this week’s #Ads of the Week, Trainwreckstv managed to snag all three spots. Stake.com, a now-familiar sponsor for Trainwreckstv, was the sponsor for all three of his streams. At the beginning of May, Stake.com managed to land all three #Ads of the Week spots with xQcOW and Trainwreckstv. Stake.com continues to successfully capitalize on the rise of cryptocurrencies and the growing popularity of gambling games on live streaming platforms.

Prior to Stake.com streams, Trainwreckstv’s top stream was a 2020 election-related podcast. The stream generated 607K hours watched with 88K peak views. Since Stake, his top stream generated 571K hours watched and 42K peak views. Back in 2020, Stake.com had 4M hours watched across live streaming platforms. In2021, Stake.com hours watched has reached 21M, more than five times the previous year’s viewership. Crypto being a hot topic has greatly impacted Stake.com’s streaming success. The ease and accessibility associated with crypto make the currency appealing for the tech-savvy live streaming audience.

Additionally, online casinos have grown in popularity likely due to of the pandemic and the growing legalization of gambling. Lastly, streaming gambling games are great for audience engagement. Streamers are more easily able to multitask and pay attention to chat while they play. The integration with chat predictions where viewers can bet earned channel points on the outcome of a hand or round has also increased viewer interest. With crypto likely to continue trending in the news, Trainwreckstv and other Stake.com streamers can be expected to appear on future #Ads of the Week.

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