#Ads of the Week: Under Armour & New World

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featured sponsored streams from NICKMERCS, Fextralife, and ZeratoR in partnership with Under Armour and New World!

This week’s #Ads of the Week featured a first-of-its-kind partnership: Under Armour entered gaming and esports with the NICKMERCS deal. Details of the partnership include naming NICK as a global ambassador and content creator for the athletic brand. He joins the ranks of sports superstars and fellow UA ambassadors Stephen Curry and Tom Brady.

For a while, NICKMERCS has interlaced his passion for fitness and health as streaming content alongside Call of Duty: Warzone streams. He’s showcased workouts and fitness tips on his Twitch channel that fans respond positively to. NICKMERCS hinted at future Under Armour content with more frequent workout streams promoting a “Get Better Together” lifestyle.

Additionally, Amazon Game Studios’ MMO New World is highlighted in #Ads of the Week for the third week in a row. Hype for the game remained strong as content creators showcased beta gameplay and Twitch drops. As noted in last week’s #Ads, New World has produced 25 million hours watched in just 5 days of the closed beta thanks to popular streamer partnerships.

In response to feedback for the now-closed beta, Amazon has decided to delay New World for the fourth time. The game’s launch is now moved to September 28th from August 31st.

NICKMERCS x Under Armour
  • The Under Armour sponsored stream generated a massive 397K hours watched while averaging 55K viewers.
Fextralife x New World
  • Fextralife’s New World beta stream experienced 82K hours watched while averaging 20K viewers.
ZeratoR x New World
  • ZeratoR’s New World beta stream produced 51K hours watched while averaging 9K viewers.

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