Benefits of Wiping in Live Streaming Viewership: Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov (EFT), developed by Russian company Battlestate Games, has increasingly carved out a unique niche in the gaming world. Set in the fictitious war-torn city of Tarkov, this hardcore online first-person RPG/Simulator has captured the hearts and minds of gamers globally. Its realistic approach, which combines detailed weapon modifications, health management, and a genuine risk-reward system, has given the game an edge in an industry replete with similar titles.

The game was released in 2017 in closed beta and still operates in beta, never officially having a full release. In its first month of closed beta in July of that year, the game saw little viewership, but quickly gained in popularity among streamers and content creators. Roughly every six months, the game wipes all progress for players, making July and January extremely popular months for creators to play.

Escape from Tarkov Rises to the Top

Even after being released for 6 years the game continues to garner millions of hours watched among fans. In fact, this January it broke its own record, generating 120M hours watched in the month alone. 

Every quarter since, the game tends to stay near the top of the streaming charts, hovering around or just outside of the top ten across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

Many renowned streamers and content creators have been captivated by Tarkov’s intense gameplay. When these influencers broadcast their raids, tense firefights, and triumphant extractions, viewers can’t help but get drawn into the drama. As more streamers take to these platforms to share their Tarkov experiences, the game’s appeal grows exponentially.

The Wipe System: A Game Changer

An aspect of EFT that especially stands out, and has played a significant role in its continued popularity, is the unique “Wipe” system. For the uninitiated, a “wipe” in Tarkov refers to the periodic reset of players’ progression, inventory, and in-game currency. This means that regardless of how advanced a player’s gear or how vast their in-game riches, everything is set back to square one.

For some games, such a reset might sound like a nightmare, but for Tarkov, it’s an exhilarating breath of fresh air. Wipes level the playing field and reintroduce the initial challenges and thrills of starting from scratch. Every player, whether a newbie or a veteran, begins their journey anew, searching for weapons, battling rivals, and trying to survive. It reignites the excitement of the early game, where every piece of loot is valuable and every encounter can be deadly.

EFT Sees Live Streaming Success

Besides having a solid start to 2023 reaching 120M Hours Watched in January, mainly due to the reset that happened in December 2022 and a drops campaign during the first week of it, the numbers were not consistent, dropping 74% in February. After this drop, numbers were starting to look steady during Q2, until the announcement of a new reset coming in August started creating hype among the most hardcore players.

When a wipe is imminent or has just taken place, Tarkov’s presence on streaming platforms spikes. Veterans return to re-experience the initial rush and share strategies on adapting to the new changes. At the same time, creators that are new to the game can try it from scratch, sharing their experiences while not being overwhelmed by the higher level players. 

The most recent wipe happened on August 10th, providing a variety of updates such as a new map 10x bigger than other maps, new boss, and new weaponry and vehicles. Streamers such as fps_shaka, Pestily, and elxokas have taken some time to try out this new reset, Pestily being the most watched with 1.4M hours watched during the first week of the reset.

Escape From Tarkov’s unprecedented rise in popularity is a testament to its unique gameplay mechanics and its ability to offer a fresh, thrilling experience with features like the wipe system. The game’s strong presence on live streaming platforms only magnifies its allure. As Tarkov continues to evolve, it promises to offer even more exciting content, ensuring its place in the spotlight for years to come.

A new spinoff, whose trailer was revealed at 2023’s Gamescom, shows even more promise for Escape from Tarkov fans. The Arena game will be a completely separate game, a First Person Shooter game with elements of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the live. 

When it releases, it will be interesting to compare its performance to other popular FPS games on the market, and to Escape from Tarkov itself. Will it be able to cement itself as a regular favorite among fans and stay relevant in the streaming and content creation space? 

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