Bethesda Softworks Viewership Up 29% Since Microsoft Acquisition

Tl;dr: The Elder Scrolls Online has been the most popular title lifting Bethesda 29% higher in viewership since its Microsoft acquisition.
Bethesda Viewership post MSFT Acquisition

This week, Stream Hatchet analyzes Bethesda Softworks live streaming viewership. Bethesda games are now available via the Xbox Games Pass, the first major announcement for the studio since its Microsoft acquisition in September 2020. Top titles like The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 have been instrumental in retaining viewers. However, special events like game reveals or newly added in-game content often generates short-term spikes. Even popular streamers broadcasting playthroughs, like summit1g, have created substantial jumps.

Since Bethesda joined Microsoft, the studio’s weekly hours watched increased 29% across all games. The news of the acquisition created a surge in interest and will likely see continued success with the Xbox Games Pass announcement. With that being said, Bethesda will likely need to keep up with new content. But this shouldn’t be an issue with Death Loop, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and a The Elder Scrolls Online DLC slated for release this year.

Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion drew massive viewership during the reveal event:
  • On January 26th, Bethesda announced the Gates of Oblivion. Elder Scrolls Online reached a new high of 2.8M hours watched during the week of the reveal event.

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