Call of Duty League Opening Weekend Average Viewers Scaled 63% YoY

Tl;dr: The CDL's second season is already showing increased viewership YoY after the 2021 Opening Weekend.

This week, Stream Hatchet analyzed the Call of Duty League (CDL) Opening Weekend viewership. Going into its second season, expectations were high and the Opening Weekend did not disappoint. The YouTube exclusive live streams generated impressive numbers leading to YoY growth across all key streaming metrics. Comparing viewership data from matches, the 2021 CDL Opening Weekend out performed its 2020 counterpart by at least 25% across the board. Total hours watched and peak viewers also increased by wide margins of 28% and 25% respectively.

The Sunday night match between OpTic Chicago and Atlanta FaZe reached the highest peak and average viewership of the weekend. The clash between two of the biggest organizations in Call of Duty resulted in a peak of 131K viewers while averaging 124K viewers. The fans of the teams certainly tuned in for a great match resulting in a 3-2 victory for Atlanta FaZe. The Chicago based team (formerly Chicago Huntsmen) was also responsible for the highest peak match of the 2020 Opening Weekend.

If this past weekend is any indication, the CDL is primed for another successful year on YouTube . The growth between Call of Duty, the Call of Duty League, and YouTube within live streaming creates endless potential. Additionally, the viewer drop rewards provide another incentive for the player base to watch the professional league. Those who link their YouTube and Call of Duty accounts and watch a certain amount of live CDL broadcasts will be granted in-game items.

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