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Chained Together: Foddylikes and Difficult Games on Live Streaming

When it comes to games, one quality never fails to draw viewers to streaming platforms: Difficulty. The rumor of a new, ultra-difficult game spreads quickly online, with streamers who consider themselves up to the challenge trying their hand at the game for hours on end to prove their mettle. Viewers follow behind, rooting for their favorite streamer to overcome this seemingly impossible challenge.In recent years, we’ve come to associate this level of challenge with Soulslike games, . But an entirely separate subgenre of difficult game has subtly made its way onto streamers’ radars: Foddylikes. Named after game developer Bennett Foddy, who created the original Foddylike , these Foddylikes use awkward physics-based gameplay and brutal setbacks in player progression to craft devilishly frustrating challenges. The most recent Foddylike making the rounds on live-streaming platforms is , a platformer by Anegar Games that one-ups the frustration of regular Foddylikes with cooperative gameplay.