Counter-Strike 2 Major in Asia: A New Frontier for FPS Esports and Brand Opportunities

As the esports landscape continually evolves, a thrilling development is set to redefine the scene: Valve and Perfect Group are hosting its first Counter-Strike 2 major tournament in Asia, specifically in Shanghai, in late 2024. This groundbreaking move signals not only a geographical shift but also a significant expansion in the reach and influence of first-person shooter (FPS) games, particularly in a region historically less engaged with this genre.

Asia’s Flourishing Interest in FPS Games

Traditionally, FPS esports have seen their major events anchored in North America, Brazil, and Europe. However, recent data indicates a shifting tide, with Asia emerging as a rapidly growing hub for FPS viewership. 

The region recorded an almost 200% growth in FPS Esports Hours Watched (HW) so far in 2023 compared to 2021, the highest of any region. 

Furthermore, the number of FPS events in Asia has surged by 180% since 2021, with the market share of Asian FPS events in the global context growing from 15.4% to a notable 21.9%

The Rise of Co-Streaming in Asia

This growth is also mirrored in the rise of co-streaming channels in Asia, particularly in Japan. The top 10 co-stream channels for Asian FPS events are predominantly Japanese, with im_mittiii ahead on the rankings with 3.1M during 2023, reflecting a deepening engagement with FPS esports within the region.

This trend not only showcases the expanding interest in games like Counter-Strike 2 but also points to a diversification in the platforms and mediums through which audiences engage with esports content.

Opportunities for Brands

The inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai presents a unique opportunity for brands. It’s a chance to tap into a burgeoning market, reaching new audiences in Asia while maintaining engagement with existing global fans. The worldwide broadcast of the event ensures a broad reach, offering brands a platform to increase awareness to a diverse and expanding esports audience. 

In addition, some co-streamers involved in asian fps events are worldwide creators as well, allowing brands to hit their current audience, yet reaching the opportunities offered by the expansion into Asian markets.

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The Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai is more than just another esports event; it’s a symbol of the genre’s growing global appeal and the shifting dynamics of viewer interest. For brands, this event represents an opportunity to be part of a momentous shift in esports history, reaching new markets and demographics. As the excitement builds for late 2024, the potential for growth and engagement in the Asian esports market is palpable, setting the stage for what could be one of the most significant events in FPS esports history.

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