DoorDash Leads Twitch Chat Engagement In March 2021

Tl;dr: DoorDash led all other meal delivery services in total Twitch chat engagement in March 2021 beating UberEats, Grubhub, and others!
DoorDash Twitch chat engagement March 2021

Gaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook might just be the perfect place for meal delivery services to advertise. It’s far more convenient for gamers to swipe through an app than run down to the kitchen and prepare a full meal. DoorDash has recognized and targeted this opportunity leading to increased Twitch chat engagement during their sponsored segments.

Marketers have recognized this opportunity and are activating with influencer marketing and esports sponsorship. Because of this, increased brand affinity is driving revenue for businesses. Influencers ordering during their streams directly displays the convenience offered by these services. Alternatively, esports sponsorship conveys a sense of expertise and authenticity within the esports industry. A few of the major brands in the category include: Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates and JustEat.

DoorDash led the meal delivery service category due to a platform wide ad buy, and several influencer marketing activations. The advertising campaign featured Anthony Kongphan, a major streamer who generated 215,924 live stream hours watched in last month. DoorDash’s influencer marketing campaigns featured: TheBlackHokage, Aa9Skillz, Queensgg, and LinoYeen who collectively generated 108,000 sponsored hours watched.

From an engagement perspective, DoorDash generated over 50,000 chat mentions, that’s over 2 times the category average. Messages for DoorDash spiked on March 25th with over 2,000 messages sent in a single day. About 15% of that day’s messages were generated on Aa9skillz’s, a FIFA influencer, during his sponsored stream. Clearly, DoorDash has found a successful strategy to increase its total Twitch chat engagement and reach.

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