Dr Disrespect vs. Ninja: All Time Peak Viewers on YouTube & Twitch

TL;DR: Dr Disrespect returned to streaming but went live on YouTube after his Twitch ban. While his all time peak was higher after the switch, Ninja didn’t have the same luck.

The 2x Champ returned to streaming after weeks of silence and speculation surrounding his ban on Twitch. The anticipation behind Dr Disrespect’s first stream back was met with a countdown that sent a wave of hype throughout the industry. In a similar fashion, Ninja’s first stream on YouTube after his contract with Mixer ended due to the platform ceasing operations was also front-page news. While Ninja didn’t have the mysterious disappearance or countdown teaser that Doc did, he still managed to generate solid viewership. Comparatively, Dr Disrespect’s return to streaming was his best stream yet while Ninja saw his peak back in 2018.

  • Dr Disrespect reached is all time highest peak viewership with his first YouTube stream last Friday with over 485K concurrents.
  • The 2x Champ’s previous peak on Twitch came in February of 2018 reaching around 388K viewers.
  • Ninja’s debut stream on YouTube generated a peak of 165K viewers which was incredibly successful compared to his viewership on Mixer in the months prior.
  • Taking Ninja’s full streaming career into consideration, his stream on YouTube didn’t reach his current all time peak on Twitch of 652K in February 2018. However, it will be difficult for him to beat that stream as he was playing Fortnite with rapper Drake which led to the massive viewership.