TL;DR: Just Chatting, League of Legends, and Fortnite remain at the top and the Ghost of Tsushima release drew sizable viewership.

Last week’s top ten games streamed across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming were very similar to weeks prior. Just Chatting content is still dominating even though the category is only available on Twitch. Audiences seem to be drawn towards conversational streams to hear opinions, reactions, and have more personal interactions with their favorite streamers. League of Legends doesn’t trail far behind in second place and may swing into first as the Summer Split nears its finale. Fortnite tournaments like the Trio Cash Cup enabled Epic Games’ battle royale to hold onto the third spot for yet another week.

Growing Titles:

  • Fortnite had an increase of 12% in hours watched reaching over 39 million last week.
  • PUBG Mobile continued to grow to over 36 million hours watched – an increase of 11%.
  • Another mobile game, Garena Free Fire, also grew 11% to reach 33 million hours watched.
  • VALORANT surpassed one of its biggest competitors, CS:GO, after growing 3% to reach almost 14.5 million hours watched.
  • League of Legends closed the gap on Just Chatting with a 2% growth rate and almost 40 million hours watched.

Declining Titles:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had the biggest decline on the list at 8% – bringing its hours watched to 23.5 million last week.
  • Minecraft dropped 4% down to 20 million hours watched.
  • Just Chatting lost some viewership and fell 2% but still remained at the top with over 40 million hours watched.
  • GTA V had a slight decline of 1% to move just under 31 million hours watched for the week.