Jan 2020 Gaming Peaks

Tl;dr: YouTube vs Twitch heats up,with mobile esports taking a lead.

The first month of the year offers strong indicators into trends that will follow in later months. Already, YouTube has secured major media rights for both the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, and Twitch partnered with the NFL for an activation around the Superbowl. This week, Stream Hatchet analyzes the top 10 peak moments on Twitch and YouTube Gaming in January 2020.

  • While the competition is close, the top YouTube channel pulls ahead of the top Twitch channel: Free Fire Brasil (YouTube) generated 16.2K more peak concurrents than the Grefg (Twitch).
  • Esports vs Influencers: esports tournaments continue to attract larger audiences in comparison to influencer events. 6 of the top 10 peak channels were from esports and competitive gaming broadcasts.
  • Nintendo’s Opportunity: The popular gaming publisher’s titles accounted for 30% of the peak events. Epic follows Nintendo with 20% of the peak channels.

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