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South Korea’s Next Platform: Chzzk or AfreecaTV?

Twitch has been the dominant streaming platform worldwide, remaining the go-to platform for esports and video games in particular. But even the streaming giant is not immune to business decisions, and its absence opens the gates for a bevy of new platforms to make their mark. We give you some insights on why Chzzk or AfreecaTV could become the next big streaming platforms in Korea.Faced with exorbitant operating costs in South Korea, Twitch announced it would shut down its service in the region on the 6th of December last year. Two main competitors hope to seize on this opportunity, coming from vastly different backgrounds: AfreecaTV and Chzzk. AfreecaTV is a mainstay in the Korean streaming market, operating since 2005 and steadily building a loyal fanbase. Chzzk, on the other hand, is a new entrant – backed by Naver-  hoping to capitalize on Twitch users’ desire for a familiar local platform.