The Guard, a non-franchised American VALORANT team, have claimed their first victory of the year at the first North American Lan, the “Ludwig x Tarik Invitational.” 

Event Details

The event was hosted by two popular gaming creators: YouTuber Ludwig and Twitch streamer Tarik. The two-day long tournament ran from the 14th to the 15th of January and featured 4 professional Valorant esports teams: The Sentinels, T1, The Guard, and TSM. 

The event also included a Showmatch between Team Mogul Moves and Team OfflineTV. Team Mogul Moves featured popular Twitch streamer Shroud, Ludwig, and three other members of the Mogul Moves crew. Team OfflineTV was led by Tarik and included four members of the OTV crew including popular creator QuarterJade. 

Streaming Stats

Over the two days the event generated 2.1M hours watched and had a peak concurrent viewership of 173K viewers during the Guard versus Sentinels match on Saturday. The top match by hours watched was the showmatch between Team OTV and Team Mogul Moves with 312K hours watched. 

The sponsors for this event were ASUS and NVIDIA who hosted an ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor Giveaway on Twitter, while also sporting banner placements during the broadcast along with HyperX, a familiar sponsor for the Mogul Moves Team. 

The event concluded with The Guard winning the Grand Final over TSM 2-1. The Prize Pool was $50,000 in total with The Guard taking home $30,000. TSM took home $15,000 as the runner-ups, and the Sentinels took home $5,000 for landing in third place. The Showmatch ended with OfflineTV defeating Team Mogul Moves 2-1.

Creator-driven events are becoming more and more popular in gaming and esports, and Ludwig is at the top of the game. His new creative agency, Offbrand, has helped bring his ideas to life and has solidified Ludwig as one of the top entertainers in the gaming space today.  

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