Mak’Gora Event Boosts World of Warcraft Viewership 50%

The World of Warcraft (WoW) community experienced a unique thrill in October, thanks to a collaborative effort by OTK Network and Starforge Systems. They hosted an extraordinary event on a WoW Classic hardcore server called The OTK/Starforge Hardcore Mak’gora.

The event helped boost World of Warcraft to the 7th most-watched game in streaming last week, and boosted its weekly viewership over 50% from the prior week. The game generated almost 13M hours watched, with a quarter of that coming from the Mak’gora event.

The Hardcore Challenge

The event kicked off with players creating new characters at the beginning of October. The challenge? They had the entire month to level up for the grand finale – the Mak’Gora, a PvP (Player vs. Player) event deeply rooted in WoW lore. 

If you are not familiar with Hardcore WoW, the stakes are as real as they can get. If a player’s character dies, it cannot be revived, adding a layer of suspense and strategy to the players and viewers.

The Mak’Gora Frenzy

This high-risk event piqued the interest of WoW fans globally throughout the month, culminating in the finals on October 31st. Because of this heightened interest, WoW was catapulted to the 7th spot in the top games rankings in live-streaming by hours watched during the week of the finals.

The Mak’Gora event contributed to a significant 25% of the total WoW live-streaming viewership for that week. The unique nature of the event, plus that it was the only significant WoW event that week, contributed to its success. Viewership hit an impressive 282K peak, 80% of the game’s total peak for the week. It was also the 5th highest peak for events that week in streaming.

Among the co-streamers, Zackrawrr, popularly known as Asmongold, stood out. His channel alone brought in a staggering 1.1M hours watched during the Mak’Gora finals, making him the top co-streamer for the event. His ability to engage and entertain his audience was evident, drawing viewers into the heart of the action.

Starforge in the Spotlight

OTK’s PC company, Starforge Systems, was the main sponsor of the event, and generated a lot of buzz among viewers. Twitch viewers mentioned the brand almost 4,000 times during the Qualifiers and Finals rounds on the 30th and 31st of October, up 2,300% from the previous week. The brand loyalty and interest from fans of both OTK and WoW was shown during the effective partnership and the impact of the event on brand visibility for Starforge Systems. 

MMOs: The Potential of the Niche

This event underscores a critical aspect of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games) like World of Warcraft; they are a niche market, yet they hold immense potential for successful campaigns. The hardcore Mak’Gora event tapped into the community’s passion, delivering an experience that was both authentic to the game and thrilling for the players and viewers alike.

The success of the OTK Network and Starforge Systems partnership in hosting the hardcore Mak’Gora event points to a promising direction for WoW and similar MMOs in the live streaming domain. Events that offer a fresh twist not only refresh the existing community but also attract new audiences. As WoW continues to evolve, its ability to foster such unique experiences will be key to its enduring appeal in the competitive landscape of online gaming.