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Most Watched Esports Teams March 2023

TSM climbed to the top of the most-watched esports organizations leaderboards last month with 14.6M hours watched. TSM generated 13.5M hours watched in March through content creation, the highest among any esports team. However, it was the 1.1 million hours watched of esports competition that pushed TSM above KOI who generated 13.9M hours watched in March.

TSM’s most popular streamed game last month was Apex Legends, thanks to TSM_ImperialHal and Mande who together generated 3.5M hours watched of the game alone. Most of TSM’s esports viewership came from the VALORANT Challengers North American Split and the Spring LCS season.

7 of the top 10 teams in March generated more than 60% of their hours watched through content creators. TSM, NRG, KOI, and Cloud9 generated the most content creator viewership over 10 million hours watched each.

The three esports organizations that made the top ten generating the majority of their watchtime through esports was Fnatic, LOUD, and T1. Fnatic generated the most esports hours watched with 9.2 million of their 12.3 million hours watched coming from esports. LOUD generated the second highest hours watched generating 9M from esports, followed by T1 with 8 million hours watched.

Fnatic & LOUD were able to generate the majority of their watchtime thanks to a strong showing from their Valorant team in the finals of the VCT: LOCK//IN where they generated 5.4 million hours watched during their match. In all of March, they generated 7.1M and 8.2M hours watched respectively from the LOCK//IN tournament.

Thanks to their stellar performance in the LCK Spring Season, T1 generated over 80% of its watchtime last month from esports viewership. Their playoff matches versus KT Rolster at the end of the month brought in the most viewership, peaking at 1.2M viewers. The LCK 2023 Spring Season generated over 23 million hours watched, with T1 having the most hours watched of any participating team.

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