Platform Wars: YTG Predictions

Tl;dr: Based on the grow rate trends of CouRage’s audiences, we’ve made a few predictions around Valkyrae.

As the platform wars wage on, there appears to be one situation that has resulted in a positive change in viewership. Although there are many variations in platform changes like from Twitch to Mixer or from YouTube to Twitch; the change showing the most promise thus far has actually been from Twitch to YouTube. This week, Stream Hatchet analyzed and predicted the growth from two streamers who recently made that move.

  • By taking a week of CouRage’s viewership on Twitch from October and comparing it to a recent week of his on YouTube, his total hours watched grew by 16.37%.
  • Applying the same growth percentage increase to Valkyrae over one week, Stream Hatchet predicts she will reach 33.4k hours watched after moving from Twitch to YouTube.
  • Both CouRage and Valkyrae had YouTube channels where they posted VoD content before making the switch for live streaming. This pre-existing presence on YouTube could be a reason they’re seeing this level of success.