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Q3 2023 Video Game And Live Streaming Trends Report

Viewership Stabilization

Our Q3 2023 Video Game and Live Streaming trends report reveals a slight 4% decline in viewership from the previous year, settling at 7.6 billion hours. This near stabilization suggests the live-streaming market is finding its equilibrium post-pandemic surge.

Creator-Driven Events

Events led by influencers, particularly highlighted by ibai’s La Velada del Año, have shown significant viewership growth. These creator-driven events are proving to be a powerful force in engaging audiences and driving live stream viewership.

Impact of New Game Releases

The release of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield has had a substantial impact on the live-streaming landscape, with nearly 50 million hours watched for each game. This underscores the influence of major game launches on viewer engagement.

Shifts in Platform Popularity

The report notes a continued decline in Facebook Live’s viewership, signaling shifts in platform preferences among live-streaming audiences. This trend points to the competitive dynamics within the streaming industry and the changing tastes of viewers.

Esports Viewership Trends

Despite a decrease, esports viewership remains a significant component of the live-streaming ecosystem. The fluctuation in viewership indicates the evolving nature of esports engagement but underscores its enduring popularity and appeal.

These key takeaways from Stream Hatchet’s Q3 2023 report illustrate the ongoing evolution and nuanced dynamics of the live-streaming and gaming industry, reflecting shifts in content creation, platform preferences, and audience engagement.

The Q3 2023 Stream Hatchet report captures a live-streaming landscape in flux yet showing signs of maturation. With viewership stabilizing, the emergence of creator-driven events, significant impacts from new game releases, shifts in platform popularity, and enduring esports viewership, the quarter reflects a diverse and dynamic industry. These trends underscore the evolving preferences of viewers and the potential for innovation and growth in content creation, platform development, and audience engagement strategies within the live-streaming and gaming sectors.

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