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QTCinderella leads Top Female Streamers 2022 (Peak Viewers)

Top 3 Peak Female Streamers

QTCinderella had the highest peak viewership for all female creators on Twitch in 2022. Her Streamer Awards event was able to generate massive hype in the live streaming community and landed a peak concurrent viewership of 381K viewers. While QT was the #1 female creator by peak CCV this year, compared to all other streamers she was able to rank #14 on Twitch. This puts her on par with other streamers like Rubius and esports channels like dota2ti.

AriGamePlays was the runner-up for peak concurrent viewership in 2022 with 128K Peak Concurrent Viewers. Ari reached her peak viewership during Squidcraft Games, a Twitch Rivals event hosted by popular Spanish creator auronplay. SquidCraft Games featured other massive Spanish-speaking streamers like Komanch and Rubius, and was one of live streaming’s peak events last year.

Pokimane rounds out the top 3 with 96K peak concurrent viewers. Poki was able to reach this viewership during her live podcast stream with fellow Twitch streamer xQc. The podcast started off strong with xQc showing up an hour late and breaking Poki’s stuff. Later on the two streamers began talking about live streaming drama and current pop culture events.

The Z Event

LittleBigWhale, a French streamer on Team Vitality, was able to rank #4 among all female streamers in 2022 with a peak concurrent viewership of 89K viewers. She hit this peak during her broadcast of the Z Event, a marathon charity stream hosted by many of the top French-speaking creators. Z Event was able to raise over €10M Euros for Sea Shepard France, LPO, WWF, Time for the Planet, and The SeaCleaners.

NimuVT was #5 among all female streamers in 2022 with 88K peak concurrent viewers. This viewership was generated on March 7th while Nimu was teasing a huge announcement to her audience. NimuVT is a popular Spanish-speaking VTuber from Latin America who streams a variety of content, focusing on interacting with her audience, especially in Just Chatting streams.

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