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Rumble Club Drives Hype with OTK’s Top Streamers Like Sodapoppin

Rumble Club represents a fresh wave of titles heralding a new age in video game production: Creator-led publishing. The team behind the game, Mad Mushroom, is the production arm of creator collective OTK, headlined by famous streamers like Asmongold and Emiru. By partnering with developer Lightfox Games, Mad Mushroom has quickly put together a game designed by creators for creators.

Capitalizing on the popularity of physics-based party brawlers like Fall Guys, Stumble Guys, and Gang Beasts, Rumble Club hopes to enter the field with greater accessibility for players. But the core of Rumble Club’s design philosophy is centered around making content creation for the game as seamless as possible, connecting streamers with their fans.

Rumble Club’s Launch Boosted by Unique Events, Streams, and Promotions

Following the game’s release on the 23rd of April, viewership spiked dramatically. In the first two days, Rumble Club accrued 591K hours watched across all platforms. The game’s performance on streaming was undoubtedly helped by being free-to-play, lowering the barrier to entry for curious gamers. But Mad Mushroom also provided a number of incentives to hook players in early, such as launch-exclusive bonuses and a Twitch Drops event on release day.

Much of the initial viewership was driven by the Rumble Club Streamer Showdown event on the 24th of April, which featured mega-popular streamers under the OTK banner such as Emiru, Mizkif, and sodapoppin playing against their fan bases for a reward of 900 Twitch subs.

Mad Mushroom Leverages Top Streamers to Drive Interest in Rumble Club

The popularity of the Rumble Club Streamer Showdown event is reflected in the top streamers for the game’s opening days. 7 out of the top 10 streamers are associated with OTK, with sodapoppin bringing in the highest viewership of 119K hours watched. Of the other streamers however, there were still some big names. Caseoh_ played Rumble Club, bringing a lot of outside attention to the game after having featured in the top 10 streamers for the past couple of months. PirateSoftware also tried out the game, providing commentary from a game developer’s point of view.

Rumble Club Focuses on Community Building Initiatives to Drive Demand

Mad Mushroom has made every effort to make Rumble Club creator-friendly, helping streamers build connections with their community. The Creator Hub provides tools for content creation such as a photo booth for quick thumbnail generation, while the Rumble Hub is a gathering place for players with unique perks as a reward for their loyalty. 

But one feature of Rumble Club stands out for its ability to bridge the gap between streamer and viewer: The Stream Queue. Activating Stream Queue mode enables creators to fill a lobby with their viewers, ensuring they can directly compete against their fans. Even better, the streamer can then cycle out viewers who’ve just played to give other audience members a chance to get in on the action. Innovative features like this set Rumble Club apart from the competition, and provide the potential for long-term engagement moving forward.

Despite the initial burst of popularity on streaming, Rumble Club is limited by its scope upon release – perhaps contributing to the waning interest in the days since the Streamer Showdown. Fans are keen for updates to flesh out the game, including new modes. As the community builds, Stream Hatchet will track the popularity of Rumble Club among streamers.

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