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Top 10 Streamers for March 2024

The top 10 streamers for March remained mostly the same from February. Controversy seemed to dominate headlines this month however, whether it was streamers pulling stunts to get views or streamers themselves being the victims of pranks by viewers.


Jynxzi held onto his #1 spot from February, this time with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 95K – 2K more than last month. His streak seems unbreakable right now, having solidified his position by partnering with esports organization Spacestation Gaming back in 2023. However, holding the top spot has brought a lot of unwanted attention to the Rainbow Six Siege streamer: On the 29th of March, Jynxzi’s stream went viral when someone called the police and directed them towards Jynxzi’s private residence (an act known as “swatting”).


Mellstroy271’s “trash streaming” has propelled him to a close second place this month, with an AMA of 93K. Since being banned from Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo, Mellstroy271 has migrated to Kick where he pulls in viewers using controversial tactics. He spams and pays off internet celebrities like Mr. Beast and Logan Paul so that they’ll follow him, he rewards viewers who tattoo his name on their body with cash, and he often promotes gambling directly on stream. His massive peak viewership of 710K came from a 19th of March stream in which Russian rapper Morgenshtern joined him in person.


Dropping down into third place is n3on, another Kick streamer who has seen his fair share of controversy. N3on faced backlash for violent comments made towards a younger viewer on the 14th of March, and subsequently posted an apology video on his YouTube channel. Since then, n3on has been indefinitely banned from Kick, explaining his small airtime of just 59 hours for March.


KaiCenat has moved up this month to the number 4 spot with an AMA of 66K. KaiCenat’s high airtime and frequent collaborations with streamers like IShowSpeed brought in 10.7M hours watched – the highest total of any streamer on this list. KaiCenat’s over-the-top IRL streaming style often leads to controversies and sensationalist headlines, such as when he got rejected by Grammy Award-winning singer Tyla live on stream.


As a mainstay of the top streamers, ibai regularly produces quality esports-centric content. March was no different, pulling in an AMA of 60K across the month. The big news, however, was the announcement of 2024’s La Velada del Año IV: An event in which top streamers compete against one another in boxing matches. La Velada del Año III broke records last year with 3.5M peak viewers. Just the announcement stream alone for this year’s event pulled in the highest peak viewership for the month across these top streamers at 798K.


Caseoh_ is the most consistent streamer on this list, continuously putting out quality content that foregrounds his gregarious, funny personality. His AMA remained virtually the same from last month, sitting at 59K. The key to caseoh_’s success is his good-natured way of dealing with criticism from fans, particularly in regards to comments about his weight and the frequent memes that spawn from these comments. This resilience and his variety of content continue to build a loyal following.


Another controversial streamer in the top 10 list, AdinRoss has been playing into his self-proclaimed alpha male persona in March to bring in an AMA of 55K (down 11K from last month). He began streaming out of a warehouse in Miami, Florida with the intention of hosting sparring matches between streamers and UFC fighters. However, his planned event on the 16th of March was canceled when AdinRoss received a warning not to run unsanctioned matches. He then landed himself in hot water when he shared private messages between himself and Andrew Tate on stream which suggested that Tate was planning on fleeing Romania to escape extradition for sexual assault charges.


Auronplay’s popularity dropped significantly from February to March, from an AMA of 69K down to 51K. He continues to evolve his GTA V RP series, rewarding loyal followers with the content they love. His more casual Just Chatting streams also provide a relaxed background for conversations with fans.


Tarik put in the work to break into the top 10 streamers for March, generating an AMA of 50K with a whopping airtime of 185 hours. Much of this viewership came from his coverage of the VCT Masters: Madrid which took place from the 14th to the 24th of March, in which tarik showed off his expert analysis of VALORANT gameplay. As a Red Bull-sponsored esports athlete, tarik continues to bring quality commentary to a range of FPS games.

R7 Tatsumaki

R7 Tatsumaki is another new face on this list for March, slipping into the top 10 with an AMA of just under 50K. R7 Tatsumaki is an Indonesian streamer and esports player associated with, unsurprisingly, R7 Esports. His coverage of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 13 has generated a lot of hype among his community, also contributing to the immense popularity of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang this past month.

The popularity of IRL streaming with a focus on violence and controversy continues to rise. Video games seem to provide more reliable popularity, but surges in viewership are often spurred on by legal charges, feuds, and big cash giveaways. Stream Hatchet will see if this trend continues as big esports events run in the second quarter of 2024.

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