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Top Female Streamers: March 2024

Female streamers are taking bigger chances with new content than male streamers, pushing themselves to collaborate together and raising the viewership of female streamers as a whole. One channel in the top 10 is unexpectedly making waves with chess coverage, while Spanish-speaking female streamers performed particularly well in March.


Emiru moved up to the number one spot this month with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 18K. Historically known for cosplaying, Emiru instead spent much of this month undergoing MMA training and focusing on fitness streams. Although it isn’t confirmed, Emiru could have an eye towards competing in a future boxing match with other streamers, since creator clashes are growing increasingly popular. Emiru’s collaboration with bodybuilding streamer Knut, in which he was painted all green à la the Hulk, was a massive hit with fans.


Rivers_gg remains the most popular Spanish-speaking female streamer with an AMA of 16K. Her content is diverse, showing her fan’s dedication as they follow her to games from Mario Party to Plants vs. Zombies. Naturally, rivers_gg is still focusing on football content as well in the lead up to the Queens League playoffs happening in mid-April.


Despite landing in the #3 spot with an AMA of just under 16K, Kyedae had the most hours watched of any female streamer with 1.6M. She also recorded the highest peak viewership among female streamers for March, with 148K concurrent viewers. This influx of attention came as Kyedae co-streamed the VCT Masters: Madrid, crying tears of happiness on stream as her fiancé TenZ won the championship on the 24th of March.


After February’s sandwich shop stream success, ExtraEmily has been focusing even more of her attention on IRL content. From fitness-focused content to NASCAR races, fans have watched as ExtraEmily is broadening her horizons beyond games like Elden Ring. This IRL-focused strategy has brought in an AMA of 10K for March.


Valkyrae continues to hold her ground as the top female streamer on YouTube with an AMA of 10K. Her GTA V RP’s are the primary focus of her gaming streams, but she’s been mixing up content alongside GTA V to gauge interest. This includes popular games on streaming such as Poppy’s Playtime, Baldur’s Gate 3, and even board games like Codenames.


BotezLive are two sisters with radically different content to any of the other streamers on this list: They almost exclusively play chess. In a style reminiscent of the TV series The Queen’s Gambit, the two sisters take a sophisticated approach to their channel’s marketing while also branching out into similar intellectual old-fashioned games like poker. The Reykjavik Open in March was a big event in the chess world, drumming up hype for BotezLive’s coverage.


Along with rivers_gg, alondrissa is the only other non-English-speaking streamer on this list, pulling in an AMA of just under 10K. Apart from hopping on the GTA V bandwagon, alondrissa spends most of her streams collaborating with other streamers such as CrystalMolly in podcast-style discussions. Her “Movie Night” streams are a particular favorite among fans, creating a cozy, bubbly atmosphere while chatting with friends.


Pokimane is back in the top 10 this month after returning to Twitch, despite having announced leaving the platform only a couple of months ago. Pokimane’s exclusive deal with Twitch is over, allowing her to spread her content more broadly across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Diversification means new fan bases and more creative freedom, but the downside is the split in attention. As a result, Pokimane had the lowest airtime out of the creators on this list with just 41 hours aired.


Last month Stream Hatchet reported that asianbunnyx was one of the few female streamers making fitness content viable on Twitch. With Emiru and ExtraEmily now branching out into that domain, asianbunnyx’s chokehold on workout content has loosened. She still remains unpredictable however, mixing up social experiment content with cosplay walkthroughs. With the highest airtime of any streamer on this list at 175 hours, asianbunnyx is willing to put in the work to grow her fanbase.


AMOURANTH crept into the top 10 with an AMA of just under 6K for March. She ended the month amidst controversy yet again, incurring two bans from Twitch: The first on the 31st of March, and the second on the 2nd of April. AMOURANTH has previously been reprimanded for violating Twitch’s tightening guidelines around sexual content on the platform, but the reasons for these latest bans haven’t yet been explicitly addressed by Twitch.

Female streamers continue to experiment more broadly with their content than male streamers, with a heavier focus on IRL content and collaborations. Female streamers like OTK’s Emiru and ExtraEmily are also psyching themselves up for potential boxing matches and tuning their content towards fitness content. Stream Hatchet will watch as new events in this sphere are announced.

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