Tarkov Twitch Take Over

Tl;dr: Integrated view drops fuel Tarkov to the top of Twitch. Here are the top streamers
Tarkov Twitch Take Over

Over the last week, Escape From Tarkov, a realistic survival FPS is changing the meta of the game streaming ecosystem. Battlestate Games, the publisher, has been able to pull significant audiences to streamers of their title by integrating viewer drops into streaming platforms like Twitch. Our insights focus on the top Tarkov streamers last week:

  • Three of the Five top streamers are new to the leaderboards: Pestily, Anton and Veritas generated a combined 10.9M H. Watched while streaming Escape From Tarkov.
  • Impact of New Streamers: 36% of the 30.5M H. Watched of Escape from Tarkov on Twitch last week, were from rising streamers: Pesily, Anton and Veritas.
  • Had xQc only streamed Tarkov: xQc streamed 10 unique titles last week to an average audience of 24.3k. His audience while streaming Escape From Tarkov was slightly higher (26.4K) and we estimate he would have reached 1.48M H. Watched had he streamed the title exclusively.