TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Share 27% of Viewers

Tl;dr: TimTheTatman shared 27% of viewers with NICKMERCS in December 2020 compared to 4% with loltyler1.

Stream Hatchet’s new Audience Overlap tool allows for shared viewer measurement for up to ten channels. After analyzing TimTheTatman’s audience, he generated the largest overlap with NICKMERCS in December with 27% of the unique registered viewers. Comparatively, he only shared about 4% with loltyler1. Tim and Nick often play together which is likely the reason for such a high overlap whereas Tim doesn’t play League of Legends, loltyler1’s main content. Using this data is important to maximize reach for sponsored campaigns and understanding user behavior across streaming platforms to optimize spend and strategy.

  • Tim’s highest overlap is with Nick while his second highest is with Symfuhny with about 19% of shared viewers.
  • Because Tim largely plays FPS titles like Call Of Duty, his audience overlaps heavily with other FPS streamers. Although many viewers are loyal to their favorite streamers, those without an affinity for a specific streamer may be tied to certain games causing the increase in shared viewership throughout a genre.

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