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Top 10 Vtubers for February

Vtubers continue to be a powerhouse in the streaming arena, with the top 10 Vtubers for February showcasing a variety of content from gaming to music to social interactions. The various personas they inhabit through their digital avatars create a sense of freedom for creators, bringing us one step closer to a fully virtual world.

Miko Ch. さくらみこ (Sakura Miko)

Sakura Miko landed the highest average minute viewership (AMA) for February with 27.9K. As the most popular member of Vtuber group Hololive, fans keep tuning in for her shrine maiden appearance and daring plays in games like GTA V. In February, she collaborated with her fellow Hololive members for a Valentine’s Day rating game, creating a light atmosphere as the Vtubers commented on each other’s outfits and varying personalities.

Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら (Usada Pekora)

Another Hololive member, Usada Pekora causes mischief under the guise of a sweet bunny girl. She’s mostly known for playing sandbox builders like Minecraft and Terraria, and for RPGs like Granblue Fantasy. Her biggest stream saw her tackling Elden Ring, with the VOD generating a massive 879K views on YouTube. Hopefully this means Usada will be playing the much-anticipated Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC when it releases in June of this year.

Kuzuha Channel

Kuzuha is a vampire with a suave yet arrogant personality, drawing in fans as the most subscribed male Vtuber on YouTube with 1.7M subscribers. He plays highly competitive games, including his big-hitters for February League of Legends and Street Fighter 6. Notably, he also had the most hours watched for February with 3.7M, although he almost doubled the airtime of Sakura to pull in these numbers (155 vs. 82 hours streamed).


Dokibird put in an impressive performance for February, returning from her retirement in May of 2021 on the 5th of February this year. Her new debut saw a massive rise in subscribers on YouTube, rocketing from 9K to 650K in just 24 days. Even more incredible, Dokibird managed to land the 4th spot on this list as an English-speaking Vtuber, coming from a Hong Kong-Canadian background.

Subaru Ch. 大空スバル (Oozora Subaru)

Oozora Subaru takes a different tact to many of Hololive’s Vtubers, adopting a tomboy-ish, extroverted personality. February was a big month for the Vtuber, performing in her 5th anniversary concert stream in which she debuted her new song “Stellar Symphony”. The YouTube VOD of the concert alone pulled in an audience of 129K viewers.

Korone Ch. 戌神ころね (Inugami Korone)

Inugami Korone has an upbeat, loyal personality befitting of her dog-girl persona. She’s found her niche playing more obscure retro games, shirking the usual trendy games played by other members of Hololive. Her February collaboration with fellow Vtuber Tokoyami Towa playing the retro action game Modified Townsman Shubibinman Zero (改造町人シュビビンマン零) was a big hit with fans.

叶ちゃんねる (Kanae Channel)

Kanae is the only other male Vtuber breaking into the top 10 with an AMA of 14K, bringing in viewers on Twitch with his self-assured, charming persona. He’s been working hard, generating the highest airtime of any Vtuber this last month with 203 hours streamed. His focus was on the Crazy Racoon Street Fighter 6 Tournament, showcasing his fighting game skills against Kuzuha.

フブキCh。白上フブキ  (Fubuki Ch, Shirakami Fubuki)

Shirakami Fubuki is an otaku fox whose cheerful personality can quickly switch to cunning ruthlessness, as seen in her much-loved playthroughs of Project Winter and Undertale. As one of the original members of Hololive, Shirakami has demonstrated her staying power in the streaming arena. Her playthrough of the liminal space horror game Escape the Backrooms was particularly popular this last month, pulling in 381K views on her YouTube VOD.

Koyori ch. 博衣こより – holoX – (Hakui Koyori)

Haiku Koyori’s brainy persona befits her role in Hololive’s “holoX” project, a sci-fi spin on the Vtuber personality community. Her psychological prowess comes to the fore in games including Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and eBaseball: Powerful Pro Baseball, which drew in viewers across the month of February and earned her 9th out of the top 10 Vtubers for February.

Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN

Ceres Fauna rounds out the top 10 Vtubers with an AMA of just under 11K. As another popular English-speaking Vtuber, Ceres provides comfort to her fans with her druidic presence and ASMR content. The big event for Ceres in February was a new Gothic outfit reveal, giving her viewers a chance to chat with her about her evolving personality in the Vtuber space.

It’s clear that Hololive is dominating the Vtuber field thanks to a spread of personalities and constant collaboration, holding 7 spots of the top 10 Vtubers for February. Horror games remain big across the Vtuber community, with Poppy’s Playtime and Escape the Backrooms pulling in views for February. 

The presence of English-speaking Vtubers also holds hope for the growth of the worldwide Vtuber community. As people embrace alternative streaming personalities, it opens the door for new kinds of entertainment with a blend between increasingly popular idol culture and streaming. The Vtuber community continues to expand, with numbers competing with traditional streaming icons – Stream Hatchet will continue tracking the growth of this community.

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