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Top 10 VTubers for March 2024

The list of the top VTubers for March 2024 was dominated by members of Hololive yet again, pushing out the few English-speaking VTubers who managed to crack the top 10 in February. There was, however, one more male streamer who managed to enter the top 10, diversifying the kinds of VTubers finding success on streaming platforms.

Miko Ch. さくらみこ (Sakura Miko)

Sakura Miko held onto the top spot in March with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 31K. As the most popular member of VTuber group Hololive, fans keep tuning in for her shrine maiden appearance and daring plays in games like GTA V. Miko’s birthday is in March, so to celebrate she held a virtual concert to bring all of her fans together. The VOD for the concert alone has drawn over 980K views on YouTube.

Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら (Usada Pekora)

Usada Pekora may have come in second place by AMA (with 29K), but she topped Miko for the highest hours watched in March (4M). Also a Hololive member, Usada Pekora causes mischief under the guise of a sweet bunny girl. She’s mostly known for playing sandbox builders like Minecraft and Terraria, and RPGs like Granblue Fantasy. Usada also managed to bring in the highest peak viewership at 152K with her own birthday concert, while filling out her channel with long streams of Elden Ring and Monster Hunter: World

Kuzuha Channel

Kuzuha remained the top male VTuber with an AMA of 21K for March. Kuzuha is a vampire with a suave yet arrogant personality, drawing in fans as the most subscribed male VTuber on YouTube with 1.7M subscribers. He plays highly competitive games such as Street Fighter 6 and League of Legends, with his biggest event for March being the Kuzuha Cup in which multiple VTubers joined him for a knockout-style tourney playing TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator).

叶ちゃんねる (Kanae Channel)

Kanae is the only VTuber in the top 10 who primarily streams on Twitch, generating an AMA of just under 21K. Being on Twitch, Kanae focuses on much longer streams to generate a massive amount of hours watched – 3.9M for March, just a little less than Pekora. As such, he had the highest airtime of any VTuber on this list with 187 hours aired. Kanae’s self-assured, charming persona brings in fans to his streams as he plays highly competitive games.

Subaru Ch. 大空スバル (Oozora Subaru)

Oozora Subaru takes a different tack from many of Hololive’s VTubers, adopting a tomboy-ish, extroverted personality. Her Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater series was particularly popular throughout March, shining a spotlight on retro and classic games rather than turning to the typical popular games on streaming. This alternative approach to content propelled Subaru into the top VTubers for March 2024 with an AMA of 20K.

Korone Ch. 戌神ころね (Inugami Korone)

Inugami Korone takes Subaru’s philosophy one step further, focusing on obscure retro titles that her fans may never have seen before and playing through them with her upbeat personality (as befits her dog-girl persona). Korone hasn’t been streaming as much in March, but her focus has been on niche horror games and a longer playthrough of the original Ace Attorney Trilogy with collaborator Takane Lui.

フブキCh。白上フブキ  (Fubuki Ch, Shirakami Fubuki)

Shirakami Fubuki is an otaku fox whose cheerful personality can quickly switch to cunning ruthlessness, as seen in her much-loved playthroughs of Project Winter and Undertale. As one of the original members of Hololive, Fubuki has demonstrated her staying power in the streaming arena with an AMA of 14K. Fubuki has been doing more Variety content throughout March, collaborating with other streamers on ASMR and dating content.

AZKi Channel

AZKi rose into the top 10 VTubers for March 2024 with an AMA of 12K. AZKi is a chosen diva, a VTuber who uses her incredible vocal range to dazzle her fans. She got to show off her skills during her two-year Hololive anniversary singing stream, pulling in fans to witness her talents. Aside from singing, AZKi was focused on more real-world/geography-based content in March, such as GeoGuessr and Cities: Skylines.

Noel Ch. 白銀ノエル (Shirogane Noel)

Shirogane Noel debuted with Hololive at the same time as Pekora, but her personality and content style couldn’t be more different. She looks like a confident knight, but she’s actually incredibly clumsy which is endearing as she throws herself headfirst into an array of hardcore video games. She followed the other Hololive members in playing Monster Hunter: World throughout March, bringing in an AMA of 11K.

ローレン・イロアス / Lauren Iroas【にじさんじ】

Rounding out the list is another male VTuber, Lauren Iroas. As a member of Nijisanji, his content is quite different from the other entrants on this list while still pulling in a respectable AMA of 11K. The main throughline of his content is competitive shooters like VALORANT and Apex Legends. But by far his most successful series throughout March was ストグラ (Stogura, short for Street Graffiti Role Play). The game is essentially an alternative to the mega-popular GTA V role-plays that dominate English-speaking streaming.

As usual in the VTuber community, concerts and singing streams are reliable ways of getting fans to check back in with their favorite VTuber idols. Hololive is also coordinating the content of its creators, encouraging them to try popular new games and games with long runtimes and role-playing elements such as Monster Hunter: World and ストグラ. Stream Hatchet will watch for the next big collaborative events in the VTuber community moving into April.

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