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Top Games in Live-Streaming: February 2024

The total hours watched for February rose by 21M for the top 10 games, indicating continued growth for the streaming industry. The top 10 remained mostly the same however, with two big exceptions.

Palworld’s hype finally died down, dropping out of the top 10 as the swirling controversy around the Pokémon-like game stopped fuelling audience interest. The game lost almost 70% of its total monthly hours watched, dropping from 80M hours watched in January down to 24M last month.

Meanwhile, the top 10 success story for February was VALORANT, showcasing a massive 60% rise in hours watched and shooting up into 3rd place. This was no doubt due to esports coverage as the VALORANT Champion’s Tour 2024 kicked off on the 16th of February, with viewers tuning in to find out which 8 teams would be competing in the Masters in Madrid later this month.

Last Epoch, A New Diablo-like Action RPG, Enters The Streaming Scene

Last Epoch has made a splash as the new indie action RPG generating views online. Released on the 21st of February, the game soared up to the 24th spot with 15 million views in just 9 days

This seems to happen once a decade: A new indie action RPG makes its mark with strong comparisons to Blizzard’s Diablo series. In the 2010’s it was Path of Exile garnering praise for faithfully expanding Diablo 2’s skill tree system. This time Last Epoch is being hailed as a ‘purist’ haven for action RPG fans, appealing to fans who felt Diablo 4 was an underwhelming new entry into the series. It’s worth noting, however, that Last Epoch began development in 2018, a full year before Diablo 4 was even announced.

Tactical Shooters Make their Mark on the Top Games Being Watched in February

Thanks to another big esports event, the Six Invitational, Rainbow Six Siege surged to 26M hours watched last month, up 86% from January. The Six Invitational was massive for co-streamers like Jynxzi and caseoh_ who tuned in to give their own insights on the event.

Despite this rise, Rainbow Six Siege was still pipped by Escape from Tarkov with 31M hours watched. It remains to be seen if Escape from Tarkov has the staying power to maintain its place in the top games being streamed, given that it dropped 64% from 3rd place with 87M hours watched after its release in January. Regardless, the hardcore, realistic tone seems to appeal to tactical shooter fans, keeping the game even more grounded than Ubisoft’s Six Siege.

Here are the top 20 games from the list, and their rank changes from January:

RankGameHours Watched FebHours Watched Jan%Change
1Grand Theft Auto V185,349,064223,103,144-16.9%
2League of Legends183,155,233187,080,739-2.1%
6Dota 253,304,93751,946,6162.6%
8Call of Duty: Warzone47,944,62655,266,102-13.2%
9Apex Legends42,477,18430,362,76539.9%
10Garena Free Fire37,310,30631,141,95419.8%
11Escape From Tarkov31,428,33587,555,357-64.1%
12Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege26,849,38614,423,58286.1%
13World of Warcraft24,633,98324,711,013-0.3%
15PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS23,476,61420,374,88115.2%
16PUBG Mobile23,435,32821,870,4987.2%
17EA Sports FC 2422,772,02943,990,129-48.2%
18Overwatch 221,964,53313,072,82668.0%
19Mobile Legends: Bang Bang21,274,70721,739,442-2.1%
20Dead by Daylight19,987,85719,274,3793.7%

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