Top Games in Live-Streaming: January 2024

Two new games made entrances into the top 10 games across live streaming in January. In addition, all but one of the top 10 games saw overall increases in hours watched during the month. 

Palworld, despite being released on the 19th, was able to make it into the top 5 games with just under 80 million hours watched in just 12 days. The so-called “Pokémon with Guns” game generated a ton of buzz in the gaming and live streaming community upon release, especially in the Japanese region. 7 of the 10 top live streamers in its first 10 days were Japanese-language channels. 

Server Wipe Boosts Escape from Tarkov Viewership

Escape from Tarkov also re-entered the top 10 games with 87 million hours watched in the month of January, jumping 10 spots from 13th to 3rd. The game’s viewership increased significantly after its last wipe on December 27th. The game generated 175% more hours watched in January than in December, the biggest growth of any of the top 10.

Games like Escape from Tarkov and Rust, survival games that wipe servers every several months, always see a boost in viewership right after the wipe. This is because when a server is wiped, gamers all start again at the same level with the same basic equipment. Players “grind” at the beginning of the new servers to acquire as much equipment and tools as possible, to put them ahead of other players. 

Therefore, streamers like summit1g and shroud (who had 6 million and 4.2 million hours watched of EFT in January, respectively), play for hundreds of hours, with attentive viewership.

Blast Premier Esports Boost Counter-Strike Live Streaming Viewership

CounterStrike saw a 50% increase in hours watched from December, generating 69 million hours watched this month. The game’s viewership was boosted by the Blast Premier Spring Group esports event at the end of the month with almost 12 million hours watched. 

Fortnite was the only game in the top 10 to decrease in hours watched (40% down from December), coming down from its increased hype the previous month from the OG maps and events. However, it still placed at #4 with 82 million hours watched. 

Here is the full list of the top 100 games and their rank changes from December: 

RankGameHours Watched JanHours Watched Dec%Change
1Grand Theft Auto V223,101,465207,441,4257.5%
2League of Legends185,891,128117,644,24158.0%
3Escape From Tarkov87,339,88831,731,196175.2%
9Call of Duty: Warzone55,264,96849,650,90311.3%
10Dota 251,946,46740,583,77928.0%
11EA Sports FC 2443,990,12929,666,79748.3%
12Garena Free Fire31,141,95423,276,68033.8%
13Apex Legends30,358,99424,702,08122.9%
14Subway Surfers24,782,75212,578,63597.0%
15World of Warcraft24,699,62351,696,042-52.2%
16Teamfight Tactics24,269,07729,822,378-18.6%
17Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III23,157,65426,543,682-12.8%
18PUBG Mobile21,870,40920,374,0277.3%
19Mobile Legends: Bang Bang21,739,44265,319,530-66.7%
20Lethal Company20,576,98533,476,016-38.5%
21PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS20,374,88127,545,827-26.0%
22Dead by Daylight19,201,45219,004,7871.0%
24World of Tanks16,333,39421,687,061-24.7%
26Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege14,421,20610,185,18841.6%
27Street Fighter 613,682,52111,416,30819.9%
28BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA13,367,04111,810,90213.2%
29Overwatch 213,072,82620,468,463-36.1%
30Monster Hunter: World12,756,8625,670,832125.0%
32Path of Exile11,618,58123,398,954-50.3%
34Genshin Impact11,195,66112,151,680-7.9%
36Tekken 89,913,956374,5692546.8%
37Lost Ark8,603,92810,929,112-21.3%
39Baldur’s Gate 37,926,5027,422,0526.8%
40Elden Ring7,603,2715,416,30540.4%
42maplestory worlds6,584,2093,333,13797.5%
43Pokémon Scarlet/Violet6,169,3917,644,558-19.3%
46Rocket League6,005,0595,225,23614.9%
47Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth5,702,242395,7841340.7%
48Black Desert Online5,545,9806,885,887-19.5%
49Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn5,510,4983,342,95264.8%
52Old School RuneScape5,386,1925,205,8683.5%
53NBA 2K245,154,1783,202,38960.9%
54Mario Kart 85,061,6893,455,30146.5%
55Dragon Ball4,890,2651,360,281259.5%
56The Finals4,756,65814,471,063-67.1%
58Albion Online4,680,8493,955,64918.3%
59Destiny 24,655,0125,309,996-12.3%
60Madden NFL 244,579,4093,109,38347.3%
61Sea of Thieves4,247,3664,109,9873.3%
62Diablo IV4,153,2002,054,862102.1%
63Red Dead Redemption II4,151,8003,787,9149.6%
64Super Smash Bros. Ultimate4,092,9293,385,96720.9%
65Among Us3,974,0663,030,63331.1%
66Arena of Valor3,968,60515,457,999-74.3%
67Brawl Stars3,962,3392,707,71446.3%
70Honkai: Star Rail3,816,1253,813,6320.1%
71Cult of the Lamb3,669,261629,510482.9%
72Marvel Snap3,580,1783,636,768-1.6%
74Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown3,438,1051,023335980.6%
75Poppy Playtime3,365,48383,5783926.8%
76Euro Truck Simulator 23,309,2663,535,501-6.4%
78Call of Duty3,146,9242,597,32721.2%
79anime world3,131,6953,852,798-18.7%
80comprehensive game3,117,0861,519,515105.1%
81Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings3,060,2082,263,03435.2%
83Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia3,002,5402,255,17333.1%
84Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2,997,700960,584212.1%
85Hunt: Showdown2,980,4543,158,366-5.6%
86Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince2,800,8373,475,827-19.4%
87Magic: The Gathering2,658,2312,777,860-4.3%
88suicide squad: kill the justice league2,653,3651,005263916.4%
89Mahjong Soul2,648,0461,272,511108.1%
90Call of Duty: Mobile2,617,1282,924,075-10.5%
91Clash Royale2,604,9592,544,5582.4%
92Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle2,537,1122,312,0389.7%
93Sudden Attack2,462,4172,470,753-0.3%
95The Sims 42,404,7882,440,278-1.5%
97Fall Guys2,383,3952,093,83213.8%
99New Cycle2,337,0635,95739132.2%
100World of Warships2,335,7842,919,067-20.0%