This week, Stream Hatchet is taking a look at fan engagement with sportswear brands in Twitch chat. We’re looking specifically at English language channels for the month of April 2022.

Nike took the top spot with 25k mentions in Twitch chat last month. No sponsored streams were recorded from Nike last month, which means all of their mentions were organically created. 

Some of the highest viewed chat messages were sent during a Just Chatting segment on xQcOW’s channel on April 18th. He said he wanted to buy comfortable sweatpants and his chat immediately started giving recommendations, many of which were Nike. During that stream, 56 chat messages mentioned the brand Nike, while 31 mentioned another sportswear brand, LuLuLemon

The second most mentioned sportswear brand in April was Adidas, with 16k mentions. Puma came in third place with just under 10k chat mentions. Reebok and The North Face had considerably less, with 936 and 833 chat mentions, respectively. 

Organic Versus Paid

After analyzing the stream titles for last month, very few of these brands seem to be sponsoring or activating with live streamers on Twitch. When looking at logo recognition using Stream Hatchet’s Brands Tool, many of these companies’ logos that show up on stream are often organic placements. Athleisure being the preferred clothing style of gamers, many streamers can be seen wearing clothing from Adidas or Puma. Other times logos like Nike show up in sports games like Fifa.

Often, these brands are getting logo placements from esports teams they sponsor, and logos on jerseys or banners at tournaments are showing up on the main channel or on co-streams. Some of these brands seem to have a good foothold in the video game live streaming community like Nike and Adidas. Other brands like Reebok and The North Face that want to compete with bigger names would probably benefit from sponsoring some streamers to get more logo exposure and fan engagement with their brands. 

How to Activate Your Brand on Twitch

Multiple ways to do this include sponsoring a streamer and customizing their stream title as well as having a logo banner on screen for brand awareness. A next step would including having product placements in stream and having the streamer talk about the brand. Choosing streamers with high chat engagement implies a good connection with their audience. These fans often trust and listen to the streamer, allowing the brand to gain trust amongst an audience. 

For more insights on how to level up your brand marketing plan and gain engagement in the video game live streaming community, drop us a line and schedule a demo to see all that Stream Hatchet can offer. 

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