Twitch’s Growth Outside of Gaming

Tl;dr: Over 4B hours of non-gaming Twitch content has been watched since 2020!
non-gaming category on Twitch

One of the biggest growing trends this past year has been the growth of non-gaming live streaming content. When the global shutdown put a pause on live events, music and sports were just some of the industries that utilized live streaming to adapt to virtual audiences.

The communal, interactive nature of live streaming provides the audience with real time engagement and a more accessible venue compared to in-person events. A potentially larger audience and easy integration make live streaming platforms a great long-term home for these industries.  

Here are key insights:

  • Since the creation of the “Music” category on Twitch, the genre has generated over 250M watch hours. 
  • Non-gaming Twitch channels have produced over 4B hours watched since 2020. 
  • The “Sports” category on Twitch is the 3rd most popular non-gaming category in 2021 so far. Since 2020, “Sports” has generated over 108M hours watched.


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