56% of WoW Viewers Also Watched New World

Tl;dr: The release of New World shook up MMORPG audiences as the new game stole massive viewership from competitor titles upon release.

The release of New World was felt across the entire gaming and live streaming industry. While the game’s initial closed beta launched in late July, the full release of the game came in September. Although viewership of the beta remained prevalent, the spike in audiences upon full release was massive. So how did New World’s emergence affect the audience of other top MMORPG titles?

  • Last month, 56% of viewers that had watched World of Warcraft also watched New World content. New World successfully secured substantial viewership from competitor titles. 
  • Viewers of New World also watched less WoW and Final Fantasy XIV content last month. Not only has the new game stolen viewership from other titles but is also retaining their own audience.
  • Given its success, New World has quickly become the destination for digital marketing campaigns targeting the MMORPG community. How will New World build on its growth to sustain the advantageous ecosystem for their fans and creators?

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