TL;DR: NICKMERCS secured the top two spots with back-to-back days of sponsored segments with G FUEL.

Once again, the #ads with the most viewership this past week came from top-tier streamers partnering with endemic brands. TimTheTatman held first and second place last week and followed up with the bronze medal this week. NICKMERCS stole the top of the podium with some help from G FUEL and a massive Call of Duty: Warzone tournament. G FUEL has been a staple in the gaming community for years and have coined themselves as “the official drink of esports.” A prominent energy drink company working with an energetic, high-octane streamer like NICKMERCS is a match made in heaven and makes the partnership feel more organic; an ideal situation for both parties. TimTheTatman and NZXT, a gaming computer and peripherals company, joined forces to leverage Tim’s recent Fall Guys viral streams. NZXT’s strategy of giving away a free PC for every win Tim gets (Tim had one lifetime win at the time of the segment) generated even more interest in the content. Computer companies don’t often offer a chance for a free PC, especially the possibility of giving away multiple PC’s, so the incentive to tune in combined with Tim’s comical gameplay created a perfect #ad segment.


  • NICKMERCS competed in the beginning of Vikkstar123’s extensive Call of Duty: Warzone tournament last week. While Nick has been dominating Warzone content on Twitch, it was a no-brainer for his audience to tune into the biggest Warzone tournament yet. G FUEL jumped on the opportunity and made sure to have a sponsored segment during the event.
  • NICKMERCS generated over 759K hours watched over the consecutive #ads while streaming the event. He averaged 90K viewers the first day and 108K the next during a combined 8 hours of sponsored content.

TimTheTatman x NZXT

  • Tim’s Fall Guys fails and eventual triumph made waves in the gaming world as millions of people watched the streamer chase the coveted victory crown. NZXT was able to leverage the viral content by offering a free PC for every win Tim accumulated which garnered enormous viewership.
  • TimTheTatman reached an average of 60K viewers over the course of a 2 hour segment for a total of 121K hours watched.