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#Ads of the Week: August 31st – September 6th

TL;DR: The Bud Light Battle of the Best event topped the list via shroud’s channel while Square Enix and Marvel captured the other top spots with the release of their new Avengers game.

With not as much variety in this week’s top #ads, shroud was able to capture two of the top three spots as the elite streamer is back on Twitch. The Bud Light Battle of the Best pitted 16 streamers against each other in a series of games across multiple days and shroud was able to capture large viewership while competing. He and LIRIK also teamed up with Square Enix and Marvel to showcase gameplay of the new Avengers game which drew significant interest from their audiences as they combined for over 226K hours watched during those sponsored segments.

shroud x Bud Light

  • Although shroud didn’t win the Bud Light Battle of the Best, he was still able to generate massive viewership benefiting both his own channel as well as awareness for Bud Light’s newest venture into the gaming market.
  • The #ad reached an average of 39K viewers (peaking at 47K) for a total of 135K hours watched.

LIRIK / shroud x Square Enix / Marvel

  • The newest title from Square Enix comes from the Marvel universe as streamers played through the latest Avengers game on its launch day.
  • LIRIK generated 114K hours watched followed closely by shroud with 112K during their sponsored streams.
  • While LIRIK also had a slightly higher average viewer count (36K vs 35K), shroud had the edge in peak viewers (40K vs 38K).

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