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#Ads of the Week: February 21-27, 2022

graph of #Ads of the Week - red background and white columns. Hello Fresh, Elden Ring, and Current dominated this week's ads.

This week’s #Ads of the Week were activations by brands through a variety of games and streamers. The top streams were from AnthonyZ, Maximilian_DOOD, and buddha with ads from Hello Fresh, Elden Ring, and Current.

AnthonyZ took this week’s top spot with a sponsored stream from Hello Fresh, which garnered 134,000 hours watched. While AnthonyZ is a variety streamer and had several sponsored streams from Hello Fresh last week, his most popular stream and most successful activation was when he played GTA V.

In the second spot this week was Maximilian_DOOD with a sponsored stream from the new, wildly popular action RPG Elden Ring. His stream got 119,000 hours watched and had 189 mentions of the game in chat. Maximilian_DOOD only shares about 2-6% of the same audience with the top 10 Elden Ring streamers last week. And, with his large fanbase of about 1 million followers, he was a strategic streamer to partner with to get unique viewers interested in the game.

Finally, buddha came in third place this week with a sponsored stream from Current, a mobile banking app. Buddha also played GTA V on his sponsored stream, and totaled about 76,000 hours watched.

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