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#Ads of the Week: February 28 – March 6

graph of ads of the week - red background and white columns. Towelliee and Lost Ark had 105k hours watched, Maximilian_DOOD and Babylon's Fall had 97k hours watched, and RduLIVE and Firestone had 84k hours watched.

This week’s #Ads of the Week was dominated by games and endemic brands. 

Taking the top spot with 105,000 hours watched was Towelliee with an activation from Lost Ark. In the first week of Lost Ark’s release, Towelliee was the game’s #5 streamer by hours watched. He has since moved up to the #4 spot. With the game entering its 4th week in the North American market, Lost Ark has dropped down to the #9 streamed game and is trying to stay relevant with the recent release of Elden Ring. Towelliee’s sponsored stream was his second most-watched stream last week.

For the second time in two weeks, Maximilian_DOOD has reached the second highest #Ads of the Week spot with his sponsorship from Babylon’s Fall. His sponsored stream reached 97,000 hours watched. Last week, PlatinumGames and Square Enix released Babylon’s Fall for PC, PS4, and PS5 last week. It reached a peak of 1,166 players on Steam and has had trouble getting off the ground in its early days. However, Maximilian_DOOD’s sponsored stream with the game was his most popular stream last week. Additionally, he gained almost 22,000 new viewers while playing Babylon’s Fall.

Finally, in a close third place, RduLIVE had 84,000 hours watched for his sponsored stream with endemic brand Firestone, a Hearthstone companion app. He reached over 9,000 peak concurrent viewers, the most of any of his streams last month. RduLIVE is currently the top English-speaking Hearthstone streamer and consistently reaches an average of 5,000 peak CCV during his streams. He is a great streamer to partner with for Firestone to show off how their app can be used directly in gameplay. 

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