#Ads of the Week: GMHikaru, Gyan Gaming, and Punz

Tl;dr: GMHikaru, Gyan Gaming, and Punz partnered with Auto Chess, Petronas, and Raid Shadow Legends for this week's top sponsored streams.

The most recent #Ads of the Week features a sponsored stream from two video games and a motor oil company. GMHikaru, a professional chess player and streamer, held a sponsored segment with Auto Chess; a chess-like strategy game mod for Dota 2. The partnership with Hikaru is the perfect relationship to target an audience interested in strategy games. Auto Chess is likely allocating more marketing budget to sponsored streams in an attempt to steal market share from Teamfight Tactics, its biggest competitor. Identifying growing streams, like Hikaru’s, may be exactly what Auto Chess needs to propel its viewership higher.

YouTube Gaming channel Gyan Gaming played a Garena Free Fire tournament with a sponsorship stream from Petronas, a motor oil company. Non-endemic brands are entering the space everyday trying to reach new markets. Although the correlation may not be obvious between Garena Free Fire and motor oil, the segment clearly reached a substantial audience. Often times the goal is to maximize reach and Petronas managed to do just that.

Lastly, Punz held a sponsored stream playing Raid Shadow Legends. The mobile game has certainly made its rounds across almost every channel with sponsored content. The extensive campaigns have cemented the Raid Shadow Legends name as commonplace for the gaming community. Additionally, the #ad generated a decent audience proving there is still interest in the mobile title. However, other mobile titles like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire are still more popular on western platforms.

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GMHikaru x Auto Chess

  • Hikaru’s 3 hour sponsored stream reached 66K hours watched while peaking at 32K viewers.

Gyan Gaming x Petronas

  • Gyan Gaming generated 60K total hours watched with an average of 18K viewers over the course of 3 hours.

Punz x Raid Shadow Legends

  • The 4.5 hour segment helped Punz reach 58K hours watched with a peak of 26K viewers.