There was a tight race for this week’s #Ads of the Week, with all three activations hitting close to 42,000 hours watched. 

Sykkuno eked out the top spot for his activation with Current last week, reaching 42.2k hours watched. During this sponsored stream, Sykkuno played a variety of games like Among Us with some of his friends. Streams with his friends, like Pokimane, fuslie, Valkyrae, and AnthonyZ, are always a fan favorite. While it was one of Sykkuno’s least viewed stream segments last week by hours watched, it was also his shortest at just over two hours. The stream also had his second highest viewership at 26.2k peak concurrent viewers. 

Gotaga’s sponsorship with Call of Duty: Warzone took second place with 41.9k hours watched last week. While Gotaga is a variety streamer, last week he was the fourth top COD: Warzone streamer by hours watched. He also had the second highest peak concurrent viewership for the game, making him a great streamer for COD to partner with.

In a close third place, RduLIVE had 41.6k hours watched during his sponsored stream with Firestone. This is the pair’s second week in the top three #Ads of the Week. The two have been running consistent sponsored streams while RduLIVE plays Hearthstone using the app in real time to show off its features. While Firestone partners with other streamers as well, RduLIVE is their top influencer. He consistently garnering the most hours watched and peak concurrents week after week.

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