#Ads of the Week: NICKMERCS & Frost_

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featured sponsored streams from NICKMERCS with G FUEL and two Rust streams from Frost_!
#Ads of the Week 7-12-21

The latest #Ads of the Week features recurring member NICKMERCS with another G FUEL partnership as well as Frost_ with a unique activation. The dynamic duo of Nick and G FUEL continues to prove successful with another top spot on the list. Not only has NICKMERCS been dominating streaming (landing among the top 10 streamers of Q2) but G FUEL is also the leader of energy drink mentions on Twitch. Combined, the two are almost unstoppable and generate massive engagement.

Taking the 2nd and 3rd place spots last week was Frost_ and a partnership with Facepunch Studios, the makers of the popular MMO game Rust. The #ad included in-game drops specific to streamers. Viewers watching Frost_ were able to receive a custom gun skin within Rust if they were lucky enough to get the drop on Twitch. Frost_ was 1 of 11 content creators included in the activation with custom cosmetics in-game. Other popular streamers like QuarterJade and xChocoBars also had drops enabled for their items within Rust.

In-game drops with custom streamer skins isn’t a new concept for the video game industry, or for Rust. However, the campaign is a great way to drive viewership for the game and partnered streamers while also incentivizing viewers to play the game too. In a world of influencer-focused advertising, these type of activations may become much more common.

  • The G FUEL sponsored stream generated over 208K hours watched with a peak of nearly 54K viewers over the course of 5 hours.
Frost_ x Rust
  • Combined, Frost_’s two Rust sponsored segments reached almost 369K hours watched while averaging 33K viewers over 11 hours.

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