The latest #Ads of the Week features sponsored streams from Corsair and Modelo! While many endemic brands like Corsair deploy plenty of marketing campaigns on stream, more and more non-endemic brands are forging their own paths on streaming sites. Modelo created a unique activation to include prominent spanish-speaking streamers like juansguarnizo and ElMariana to hit their target audience on Twitch.

The campaign included a cooking challenge between the two streamers with plenty of Modelo included in the segment. Not only did this provide content not usually found on these channels, but it also proves that their audience is likely mature enough to consume alcoholic beverages. The live streaming audiences on Twitch and YouTube are aging leading to more mature allocating budget to reach the market.

However, the Corsair sponsored stream on summit1g’s channel generated the highest viewership of #Ads of the Week. Although not as unique as the Modelo campaign, Corsair is a household name among the gaming community. Working with summit1g as his gaming peripheral sponsor is likely producing massive reach on its own.

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