Compare is on top for the second straight week beating out endemic companies Roblox and NZXT.

For the second straight week Compare was the top sponsored stream after partnering with Mizkif for another charity segment. In total, the session generated over $276K for charitable donations in one day. Compare has successfully positioned themselves as a positive sponsor in the gaming industry working with top-tier streamers for good causes. KreekCraft placed second last week from streaming the Ready Player Two Roblox in-game event that generated massive viewership. This is the first time a Roblox stream has made it into the #Ads of the Week series – clearly an indication of a successful event. NIKMERCS made the list once again with a sponsored segment from computer manufacturer NZXT. The two have been partnered for a while and occasionally appear on the series when NICKMERCS generates a larger than usual audience.

Mizkif x Compare

  • The charitable segment reached about 291K hours watched over 4 hours. Mizkif was able to produce a peak audience of almost 93K viewers as well.

KreekCraft x Roblox

  • KreekCraft streamed the Ready Player Two Roblox event for about 4 hours generating 190K hours watched and an average audience of about 44K viewers.


  • NICKMERCS hit about 187K hours watched and 42K peak viewers during the 5 hour sponsored stream.