Twisted Tea, Jurassic World Evolution, and NFL Thursday Night Football led all sponsored segments.

The top sponsored campaigns across streaming platforms this past week leveraged NICKMERCS’ channel for two of the top three #ads. The first place segment came from a partnership with Twisted Tea, an alcoholic iced tea beverage. At face value this may not seem like anything special, but because Twisted Tea contains alcohol, their goal is to market their product to an audience over the legal drinking age. Clearly, they have reason to choose NICKMERCS over other streamers as it may indicate his audience skews older (a greater portion over 21 years old) than other streamers on Twitch. As the core audience of individual channels age along with the streamer, we may see more alcoholic beverage companies sponsor influencers directly. NICKMERCS also held a sponsored segment watching the NFL Thursday Night Football game but was placed third behind Fextralife’s stream of Jurassic World Evolution.

NICKMERCS x Twisted Tea

  • Twisted Tea partnered with NICKMERCS for a 3 hour session that generated 205K hours watched in addition to an average audience of 61K viewers.
  • This may be part of the new wave of alcoholic beverage brands moving towards individuals to sponsor rather than esports events or leagues like previous campaigns.

Fextralife x Jurassic World Evolution

  • Fextralife played Jurassic World Evolution, a business simulation game akin to Roller Coaster Tycoon, during an almost 5 hour sponsored session.
  • The stream reached 76K hours watched peaking at about 19K viewers.

NICKMERCS x NFL Thursday Night Football

  • NICKMERCS also worked with the NFL to stream the Thursday Night Football game featuring the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Hosting the watch party, NICKMERCS produced 72K hours watched with an average of 22K viewers tuning in.