#Ads of the Week: November 8th – 14th, 2021

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featuring loltyler1, alanzoka, and JERICHO in partnership with Doritos & Twitch Rivals, Gillette, and Samsung!

The latest #Ads of the Week spans a wide variety of brands activating in gaming. From Doritos, a brand involved for many years, to Gillette, which just started their Gaming Alliance much more recently. Gaming is expanding further into pop culture and brands are looking to create more of a digital marketing footprint on live streaming content. The key to standing out is creating an authentic campaign leveraging aspects unique to live streaming content.

Popular League of Legends streamer loltyler1 teamed up with the Doritos Disruptor Series powered by Twitch Rivals to broadcast their latest event. The stream was complete with official broadcasters and highlighted loltyler1’s gameplay. Twitch Rivals has become one of the premier event series in gaming utilizing popular streamers on their platform. Many of the events generate millions of hours watched from the friendly competition between creators.

Brazilian streamer alanzoka partnered with Gillette to be in the Gaming Alliance class of 2021. Gillette has been running their Gaming Alliance program for a few years but is still very new to the space relative to other brands. Healthcare and hygiene products have been increasingly popular among gamers as the community is beginning to prioritize personal care. Gillette is also activating in a unique fashion offering bits to use on Twitch and a chance to stream alongside a few member of the Gaming Alliance as a “day in the life” type of campaign.

Lastly, Samsung worked with JERICHO to promote their latest Neo QLED TV. The gaming and live streaming audience is likely interested in the latest display technology making the partnership a great fit.

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