NICKMERCS and G FUEL dominate, KelseyDangerous raises money with State Farm, Symfuhny partners with DoorDash

The latest top sponsored segments was led by NICKMERCS with another G FUEL activation. Again, the dynamic duo proved to have the perfect relationship as their #ad stream was by far the most watched last week. However, KelseyDangerous was able to host a stream in collaboration with State Farm to raise money for the NAACP – an incredibly selfless use of her platform. State Farm occasionally works with top streamers to raise money for various causes so seeing the success of the campaigns, both in streaming metrics and donation value, is refreshing. Lastly, Symfuhny stepped outside of his usual FPS games during a sponsored stream with DoorDash. Food delivery services have been one of the industries to invest in gaming and esports more frequently as of late. DoorDash, Grubhub, and others have all moved marketing budgets towards sponsoring streams, individuals, or even organizations. Keep an eye out for more big moves from these services that fit the gaming lifestyle and allocate more money to these digital marketing campaigns!


  • This isn’t the first time a NICKMERCS x G FUEL sponsored session has made the top #ads of the week. The two parties have a mutually beneficial relationship – this time boasting 290K hours watched during their segment.
  • The campaign was during a 6 hour stream generating 50K average viewers and peaking at 58K.

KelseyDangerous x State Farm

  • KelseyDangerous was able to host a charity stream supporting the NAACP that produced $14,500 in donations! An amazing feat for Kelsey, State Farm, NAACP, and the gaming community.
  • The charity stream also averaged 50K viewers over the course of the 2-hour event, generating 91K hours watched.

Symfuhny x DoorDash

  • Symfuhny tried his hand at Rocket League, a game outside of his usual FPS genre, in this sponsored session with DoorDash.
  • The #ad reached a peak audience of 37K with an average of 35K viewers producing a total of 73K hours watched.