NICKMERCS is back on top followed closely by chocoTaco and xQcOW with impressive viewership all around.

The latest #Ads of the Week is once again led by an endemic activation – this time by GeForce, a brand under Nvidia’s large umbrella. xQcOW also championed a campaign familiar to gaming via a sponsored stream with G FUEL. However, chocoTaco made the list in a more interesting fashion. Amazon leveraged a few streamers to host watch parties of their newest Original Series, Utopia. The trillion dollar company is using its own asset (Twitch, an Amazon owned company) and influencers to promote their new show, capitalizing on the live streaming audience, unique features of live streaming like interactive chat, and the growth of the live streaming market. Expect Amazon to continue deploying these types of campaigns as more budgets are allocated to live stream activations.


  • NICKMERCS pulled in 205K hours watched during his 4 hour sponsored stream while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • He averaged over 51K viewers and hit a peak concurrency of over 62K.

chocoTaco x Amazon

  • chocoTaco was host to the leading watch party although other streamers like DrLupo and AvaGG also held such sponsored segments.
  • With about 196K hours watched, chocoTaco placed second on the list but had the highest peak with almost 106K viewers.


  • xQcOW reached about 175K hours watched during his 2 hour G FUEL stream.
  • The streamer also generated the highest average concurrency of the top three #ads holding over 80K viewers.