#Ads of the Week: TimTheTatman, alanzoka & LIRIK

Tl;dr: The latest top #Ads of the Week was led by TimTheTatman followed by alanzoka and LIRIK!

TimTheTatman led this week’s #Ads of the Week in partnership with Bud Light. The stream featured TimTheTatman playing Call of Duty: Warzone while showcasing Bud Light’s new Retro Summer seltzer pack. The stream was 21+ due to the alcohol-related content. Hard seltzers are hugely popular right now thanks to hard seltzer companies White Claw and Truly setting the trend. Now, brands like Bud Light, Corona, and Mike’s are following the hype by creating their own. Similar to Red Bull and Ninja’s partnership, TimTheTatman is the ideal influencer for Bud Light to utilize and reach a mature, drinking-age audience. The sponsored Bud Light stream generated 148K hours watched with 66K peak viewers.

With sponsored live streaming content on the rise, Gillette has announced the return of the Gillette Gaming Alliance. The alliance consists of a team of global streamers hand-picked to represent Gillette and create content across Twitch, YouTube, and social media platforms. One of the chosen content creators is Brazilian streamer alanzoka. His June 9th Gillette-sponsored stream generated 129K hours watched with 26K peak viewers. Additionally, alanzoka was part of the 2020 roster and with 2.1M followers on Twitch, he is a great influencer for Gillette’s global reach.

Since E3 was canceled last year, there was even more hype for 2021 gaming showcases. There are so many amazing games being announced at E3 2021 like Halo Infinite, Battlefield 4042, and Starfield, it’s easy for some titles to get lost in the noise. Thankfully, streamers are a great way to maintain hype and have a game title stand out from the crowd. LIRIK’s Ubisoft Forward sponsored stream generated 124K hours watched with 68K peak viewers. Ubisoft Forward is an event specifically for upcoming Ubisoft titles. With streamers responding to Twitch chat in real time, viewers feel more involved than watching on the company’s channel.

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