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#Ads of the Week: Trainwreckstv, GMHikaru & NICKMERCS

#Ads of the Week

Trainwreckstv and sponsor Stake once again took the top spot for this week’s #Ads of the Week. Additionally, chess professional Hikaru Nakamura took spot number two with sponsor Polymarket, an information markets platform. NICKMERCS and sponsor Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, a new tactical shooter game, took spot number three. continues to make headlines with UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou announced as their newest ambassador. This news follows the announcement of’s first UFC ambassador, Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. Back in March, was named UFC’s official betting partner in Latin America and Asia. This partnership allows the rights to live stream all UFC fights on its platform. Even with the U.S. ban, is finding other avenues to build its reputation as the go-to crypto casino. With traditional sports becoming more invested in live-streaming platforms and gambling games gathering more live-streaming viewers, has the perfect opportunity to reach both audiences.


  • The sponsored stream lasted over 11 hours generating 199K hours watched and peaked at 42K viewers.
  • The end of the stream featured a giveaway where 10 viewers had the chance to win 1,000 dollars each by entering !squadW in the Twitch chat.


  • The sponsored stream was the final day of the 9 day FTX Crypto Cup event. The event was the first bitcoin chess event and featured the largest prize pot at $60,000 plus 0.6 bitcoin bonus. 
  • The stream had 154K hours watched and reached 54K peak viewers.


  • The sponsored stream had over 68K viewers and reached 44K peak viewers. 
  • Published by CGI Games, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is the 6th entry in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. 
  • On launch day, the game garnered 271K hours watched with 85K peak viewers. 

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