Aim Lab Popularity Increases for Valorant Players

Aim Lab, an aim training game from publisher State Space, is quickly becoming one of the most active brands in esports and live streaming. The game’s innovative partnerships with major leagues like Valorant 2022 Champions Tour & Rainbow Six Pro League, as well as gaming creators, like ImperialHal & HusKerrs, are fostering unique experiences for fans to train like the pros. 

Aim Lab currently has extensive training support for: Apex Legends, Fortnite, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege & CS:GO, however its popularity within the Valorant community is increasing at rapid rates. 33% of all instream banner appearances for the Aim Lab brand were generated during Valorant streams (Average Feb 2022 – Jul 2022). 

Example Logo Appearance for ShahZaM

By investing in Valorant, Aim Lab is hitting a strong target audience of core gaming fans. Last quarter (Q2 2022) Valorant was the 3rd most watched title in streaming, and increased total streaming hours watched by 18% year over year. 

Aim Lab’s popularity has resonated strongly among Twitch chatters, generating a total of 368k mentions in Twitch chat from Feb – Mar 2022. 

The chat engagement driven by Valorant reinforces the success of Aim Lab’s marketing focus around Valorant live streams. Over ½ of all chat mentions of Aim Labs on Twitch were sent by viewers of Valorant streams, even in months where Valorant sponsorships were not a focus of the marketing campaign. 

Twitch chat can be a powerful metric for brand markets to gauge brand affinity among core audience members. Gamers are vocal consumers, and are quick to react to advertising and sponsorship, often by voicing their praise or concerns directly in chat logs. The more brand mentions within a particular Twitch chat, the more engaged the audience is with the sponsorship. Want to see how Stream Hatchet can help brand marketers build connections with fans of gaming creators and esports tournaments, try out our essentials platforms for seven (7) days absolutely free. No credit card required: