CNN led media in Vice Presidential Debate streaming viewership

CNN secured over 22% of the viewership from the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate across Twitch and YouTube.

As much of the country tuned in to watch the debate, many viewers opted to watch via streaming platforms Twitch and YouTube. The media companies, however, were ready for this behavior and generated substantial viewership through these platforms. With over 10M hours watched and an average audience of 3.4M viewers, it seems as though streaming future political events will become increasingly popular.

  • CNN, ABC News, C-SPAN, and FOX News accounted for over 64% of the total hours watched from all media channels that streamed the debate on Twitch and YouTube.
  • The debate reached 4.5M peak viewers with ABC News having the highest peak per individual channel at 1.2M.
  • CNN generated the most hours watched per channel at 2.3M while also having the largest average audience with 772K viewers.