Enshrouded had an amazing start after its early access and the live-streaming numbers are good across all platforms with 12.6 million hours watched, an average of 88k viewers and a peak of 358k viewers.

Keen Games, the studio behind Portal Knights, is doing very well with Enshrouded, surpassing one million copies sold on Steam after its launch on January 24th. 

Enshrouded #6 out 10 on Top Games Ranking

Only 6 days after its release, Enshrouded is now the 6th most watched game on Twitch, YouTube, Kick and Steam, just behind Counter Strike, Fortnite, the Palworld phenomenon and obviously far from Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends.

The survival RPG game has overtaken VALORANT, EA Sports FC 24, Dota 2 and Minecraft. This doesn’t come as a surprise after reading our Trends Report for 2024, where we predicted an increase in interest in RPGs and action-adventure games. 

Palworld Is Not Stopping Enshrouded

Enshrouded’s release might have been impacted by the recent release of Palworld, the dominating video game across live-streaming platforms right now, grabbing the spotlight and headlines. Regardless, Enshrouded has managed to make it into the top 10 in its first week. 

What’s certainly surprising is the viewer distribution by platform. Boosted by the presence of the official page on Steam, “phaze” collected 4.8 million hours of viewership on Steam, followed way behind by Twitch streamers from abroad. Witkor Skwarczynski, a video producer for KeenGames, is behind the Steam revolution as this “phaze” guy.

“Shroud” with 395k watched hours and “elxokas” from Spain with 290k also made the podium. Streamers like “GRONKH” from Germany, “alanzoka” and “YoDa” from Brazil, “Gladd” and “CohhCarnage” from the US, and “Altair” and “Locklear” from France complete the top 10. 

The provided data highlights the viewership disparity between two leading games, Palworld and Enshrouded. Notably, 70% of Palworld’s audience is concentrated in Japan, whereas Enshrouded attracts a more diverse international viewership, primarily from Europe and the United States.

Phaze streamed for an incredible 129 hours and generated AMA of 37K, Steam accumulate so many viewership hours.

Steam Came Out as the Winner

Twitch accounts for 60.4% of Enshrouded’s viewership, while Steam, mainly thanks to “phaze” being boosted on Steam’s official website, accounts for 36.8%. For the grey platform, having this numbers is absolutely huge since it is not considered a mainstream live-streaming site. Many more creators should start looking into Steam, and hopefully new opportunities are offered to be competitive.

As Palworld’s success came out of nowhere, no one could expect its success. But that did not stop KeenGames to send out Enshrouded to the wild, and what a good call that was. Its numbers position it in the good path to become a popular survival action-adventure game, which is what audiences are looking for right now.

Enshrouded also opened a door into Steam’s live-streaming platform, which is often overlooked over mainstream sites, at least until today.

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