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Fortnite OG Hits Highest Live Streaming Viewership Since 2019

With the original map returning to the Fortnite servers last week, Epic Games was able to tap into nostalgia and generate excitement from gamers and streamers alike.

In its first day back with the OG season, Fortnite generated 14.4 million hours watched across major live-streaming platforms. This was the highest daily viewership for the game since October 2019! 

The game also hit 1.6 million peak viewers on its first day back, the highest since December 2022. 255K unique channels also streamed the game on November 3rd, the most since December of 2020, during the height of the pandemic. 

Fortnite Rekindles Nostalgia with Original Map

Fortnite has consistently been a powerhouse in the gaming industry, captivating millions with its dynamic gameplay and iconic events. The game has a special place in the hearts of players and streamers alike, with countless YouTube highlights and Twitch streams dedicated to its ever-evolving universe. In an exciting turn of events, Fortnite decided to bring back its original map on November 3rd, 2023, aiming to stir nostalgia and rekindle the early days’ excitement.

Original Fortnite map // courtesy of IGN

Why Bring Back the Map?

Since its inception, Fortnite has been a top contender on live streaming platforms, consistently drawing in a significant audience. The reintroduction of the original map was a strategic move to evoke the great memories players had when they first dove into the game’s vibrant world. With subtle updates to the classic map, Epic Games ensured that both new and returning players would find something to love.

The impact of this nostalgic move was immediate and substantial. According to the BBC, Fortnite reached an incredible 44.7 million active users and accrued over 102 million hours played. This level of engagement underscores Fortnite’s enduring appeal and its prominent place in the gaming landscape.

At Stream Hatchet, we dive into the live-streaming data to measure the full extent of this event’s impact. On its release day, Fortnite achieved the highest daily hours watched in a long while—14.4 million hours. This number hadn’t been seen across all available platforms since October 2019, highlighting the significance of the original map’s return.

Moreover, the peak viewership on November 3rd soared to 1.6 million. Such a peak had not been witnessed since the previous December, indicating a renewed interest and excitement among the game’s fan base. Unique channels broadcasting Fortnite also saw a remarkable increase, with 255,000 channels streaming on November 4th, reaching a high not seen since December 2020.

Nostalgia Hits Right in the Emotions

The statistics are even more staggering when we consider the percentage increase on the day of release. Hours watched and peak viewership exploded by over 530%, while unique channels streaming the game saw a boost of 150%. These figures not only represent a triumph for Fortnite but also highlight the power of nostalgia in bringing players together for a shared gaming experience.

Ninja was one of many live-streaming creators returning to their roots to play on the original Fortnite map

Fortnite’s strategy to leverage the original map’s charm has demonstrated how a well-timed, sentiment-driven initiative can create significant waves in both gameplay and viewership. The game’s ability to adapt while honoring its roots is a key factor in its sustained success. As Fortnite continues to bridge the past with the present, its place in the echelons of gaming greatness is further solidified.

In conclusion, Fortnite’s successful strategy of reintroducing the original map not only proved to be a hit with players but also showcased the game’s unshakeable position in live streaming culture. This event has cemented Fortnite’s reputation as a game that knows its audience and understands the emotional connection players have with their gaming experiences. With such robust numbers and undeniable player enthusiasm, Fortnite’s journey continues to be one of innovation, community, and, above all, endless fun.

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