Gaules Gains Record Viewership During PGL Antwerp Major Co-Stream

On Monday, May 16th, Gaules broke his own viewership record while co-streaming the PGL Antwerp Major with a peak concurrent viewership of 684k. The peak occurred during Gaules stream where he watched the Imperial team defeat the #4 team Cloud9 in a triple overtime upset. 

In comparison, the main PGL channel had a peak viewership of 114k during the Imperial vs. Cloud9 matchup.

Gaules’ full co-stream of the Major on Monday garnered 1.8 million hours watched and had an average viewership of 426k viewers. Over the course of the PGL Antwerp Major, Gaules’ co-streaming has helped boost viewership of the CS:GO tournament, especially among Portuguese fans, which make up the majority of his audience. 

His last peak viewership record was made in June of 2020 where he hit almost 390k peak concurrents during another CS:GO stream. Monday’s stream is almost double that number, making it by far his most popular stream. Gaules also broke his own record before that on Sunday during Imperial vs. BNE where he reached 437k viewers. 

With 5 days left in the Major, will Gaules be able to break his own record once again?

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